<![CDATA[CentralInquisitor - Sports]]>Tue, 24 Nov 2015 01:32:10 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[European handball tournament wraps up]]>Mon, 23 Nov 2015 15:02:26 GMThttp://thecentralinquisitor.weebly.com/sports/european-handball-tournament-wraps-upAction-packed tournament raises money for Spread the Net
On November 17 - 19, 2015, a European handball tournament was held in the big gym at Barrie Central.  Organized by leadership student Reid Miller, the tournament had 10 teams participating.  It was a terrific mix of students from all grades, with both guys and girls on teams together, and even a few teachers, too.  All the proceeds from the tournament will go to Plan Canada's Spread the Net campaign, which raises money to buy mosquito netting for people in countries affected by malaria.  Thanks to Reid and all the participants for a fun and exciting event!
<![CDATA[Barrie Central Curling Team Makes it to Playoffs!]]>Sun, 01 Mar 2015 20:00:01 GMThttp://thecentralinquisitor.weebly.com/sports/barrie-central-curling-team-makes-it-to-playoffs On February 13th, 2015 the BCC curling team made its way to the Coldwater & District Curling Club. This was the first time in several years that both the girls' and boys' teams have advanced to the playoffs where they played some of the county's best teams.  The Barrie Central Curling Team is one of the smallest sport teams that Central currently has; and it consists of ten members and is coached by Mr. Lamoureux, Mrs. Wetelainen and Mrs.Cox. This team is a tight-knit family and uses any game as a way to gain experience.

This was the first time in many years that the Barrie Central Curling Team has advanced into the playoffs. This is where teams play a number of games against a number of schools. If a team wins they move on and play more games to see who gets to the end, where there are a final two teams that then can advance to the GBSSA's. The BCC girls’ team played the Bear Creek Kodiaks who they had beaten in a game previously earlier in the season. The girls were put into situations that were hard to maneuver through but played their hardest out on the ice to try to advance. The BCC boys’ team played Sir Frederick Banting S.S. who they also played before earlier in the season; that game, they unfortunately lost.

Both the boys and the girls played extremely well and are proud of the way they played on February 13th. Although the teams  did not advance any further into the playoffs, the teams' members are proud where they ended a fantastic season. The teams played their best all season and they have made it the farthest that the BCC curling team has reached for many years. This was a great opportunity for both teams and a great achievement for Barrie Central. 

<![CDATA[BCC 2014 Football Season Re-cap]]>Fri, 05 Dec 2014 01:23:25 GMThttp://thecentralinquisitor.weebly.com/sports/bcc-2014-football-season-re-cap Football Frenzy!
With the start of a new school year came another season of Barrie Central Football. With the Seniors looking to repeat as GBSSA champions, and the Juniors looking to make that next step to regional supremacy, there looked to be another promising season ahead.

The Seniors got off to a great start with a shutout victory over St. Thomas Aquinas in Tottenham. They were then on the other side of the shutout in our annual Wednesday Night Lights game, losing to crosstown rivals, North, by a 25-0 margin. This was our only loss of the season as we followed that with 3 straight victories against St. Joe’s, OD/Park and St. Peter’s. With a 5-1 record including a forfeited game vs. St. Theresa’s, we received a bye to the GB semi-finals for re-match with ODP. Unfortunately the weather gods were not on our side and we lost a wet, rainy, defensive battle by a score of 13-10. This not only put an end to a season for some, but a career for many graduating players.

The Juniors had a very up-and-down 2014 season, losing to Nottawasaga, St. Theresa’s and OD/Park (on two occasions) while defeating Bradford and the first-year team from Patrick Fogarty C.S.S. in Orillia. However, we were in every game except for the two against ODP. The 2-4 record we had could have just as easily been 4-2. Our season-ending win over P.F. set up a first-round playoff matchup with Bradford. We got the lead in the early going, only to relinquish it and trail 21-7 entering the half. After a scoreless 3rd frame, our boys showed their resiliency and never-say-die attitude scoring a pair of fourth quarter touchdowns to make the score 21-20. After the latter TD was scored, a risky two-point conversion was called, which if successful, would have given us the lead, but if not would likely cost us our season. Sadly, we were unable to convert on the 2-point attempt and fell in a hard-fought game 21-20, ending our season. Many Grade 9s continue their development at the junior rank next year, while numerous Grade 10s move up to the Senior level for their Grade 11 year—the final year of Barrie Central Football.

The season officially culminated on December 3 with our sixth annual awards banquet. There were six awards given out for each level, as well as a lovely roast beef meal, a slide show and many laughs. It was a great season and I can say that it was a great honour and privilege to have been able to time games for both levels this season.  It is with a bittersweet taste that I say I cannot WAIT for the final season of Barrie Central Football in 2015! GO PHOENIX!

-Ben Browne

<![CDATA[Senior Boys' Volleyball Season Comes to an End]]>Mon, 24 Nov 2014 14:12:47 GMThttp://thecentralinquisitor.weebly.com/sports/senior-boys-volleyball-season-comes-to-an-endOn Monday, November 10, the Barrie Central senior boys' volleyball team suffered an unexpected loss to the Midland Marauders.  The SCAA championship game was held in Central's gym, with lots of enthusiastic fans cheering for the Phoenix.  After winning the first set, the Central boys lost the next three, ending their season earlier than anticipated.  Thanks to coaches Faye and O'Brien for their hard work this season.

Photos by Danielle Lane
<![CDATA[Central Football Photos October 2014]]>Tue, 21 Oct 2014 17:46:20 GMThttp://thecentralinquisitor.weebly.com/sports/central-football-photos-october-2014
Photos by Danielle Lane
<![CDATA[Barrie Central Swimming]]>Wed, 05 Mar 2014 15:05:43 GMThttp://thecentralinquisitor.weebly.com/sports/barrie-central-swimmingCo-op students compete in Eastern Canadian Championships
Barrie Central swimming co-op students competed in February at the Speedo Eastern Canadian Championships in Windsor Ontario. The team consisted of: Leanna Butt, Sam Charlebois, Mathew Christensen, Cailyn Eley, Anne Filion, Kaetlin Fenton, Claire Hoedlemoser, Sacha Keir,  Emily Manka, Adrian Vanderhelm, Landon Warnica.

The meet had very strong athletes on both the women’s and men’s sides, from provincial champions to currently top-ranked Canadian athletes. The Barrie Trojan swimmers traveled to Windsor on Tuesday, February 11, two days prior to the start of the meet, to leave room for training and preparation.

The Trojans started the meet extremely well, showing other teams and athletes that they were there to win! On the men’s side, the Trojans had Adrian Vanderhelm getting the silver medal in the 50m butterfly and winning the gold in the 200m freestyle, and Landon Warnica came 6th in his final heat of the 100m backstroke. The women’s side had Kaetlin Fenton finishing 5th in her final and Sacha Keir finishing 8th in her final of the 100m backstroke.

The Barrie Trojans stayed on their A game for the rest of the swim meet collecting 4 more medals including a gold, 2 silver, and a  bronze, followed with eight club records.  Central’s Adrian Vanderhelm finished the meet extremely well and received two prestigious awards:  the Speedo Eastern Canadian Championships High Point Award, and the Barrie Trojan Most Valuable Athlete. The Trojans as a whole finished very strongly, considering the small size of the team that went (11). They scored 189 points and finishing 29th out of 91 teams competing at the championships.

Barrie Trojan head coach, Jason Morawski, was very pleased with the results this weekend.  He said, “I am very pleased with how we did this weekend as a whole, this meet has been a great stepping stone for us as we lead up to the Ontario Provincial Championships where we hope to crack the top ten in scoring and also the senior nationals in Victoria British Columbia where Adrian Vanderhelm is hoping to snatch a spot on the Jr. Pan Pacific team.

The Trojans are back to school for a week before heading to the Ontario Provincial Championships in London Ontario. The Trojans will be lead by seniors Kaetlin Fenton, Landon Warnica, and Sam Charlebois with a team of eighteen swimmers.

Adrian Vanderhelm is now too old to compete at the Ontario Championships.  He will be training and perfecting his strokes for the upcoming senior nationals where he plans to defend his number one spot in Canada for the 15-18 year old category in the 200m freestyle and secure himself a spot on the Jr. Pan Pacific team heading to Hawaii in August. 

<![CDATA[Barrie Central Flag Football: ¬†An Unforgettable Season!]]>Thu, 27 Feb 2014 17:55:05 GMThttp://thecentralinquisitor.weebly.com/sports/barrie-central-flag-footballDuring a three-month period from September through November, Barrie Central’s girls’ flag football team had a great season, ending with achieving a 2nd place standing at GB’s. Our team was undefeated throughout the entire regular season. Our coach, Miss Eaton, made the season an unforgettable time. Her amazing coaching skills helped us to be better players and even better teammates. Being a part of a Barrie Central team is a lot different than being a part of a team from any other school. When we wear Central's colours- red, black and white - it represents how proud we are of our teams. Being on the girls’ flag football team really gave some girls an opportunity to experience something that they have never experienced before.
Unfortunately, Miss Eaton, a well-known and loved teacher here at Barrie Central, retired in February after many great years. She was an amazing coach, always encouraging us to do our best! She will be much missed. We’re hoping to find another awesome coach for next year’s season.
Some of the girls on the flag football team were new this year, including myself and Sav Frangakis. “This was my first time playing on a Central team due to previous injuries so I was really nervous to be put in such an important position like QB with all the pressure. But throughout the season all the girls started to bond and build a friendship that made me feel comfortable” said Sav, who was one of our star quarterbacks, along with Alex Bond and Nicole Graham. Our team would not have been so successful if these girls weren't a part of the team.
In all the games that we won, our semi-finals or GB’s against St. Joe’s was by far the toughest game.  We had many players who were injured so much that they were unable to keep playing, but our team was strong enough to hold on and pull through it, putting us in 2nd place. Even though some of our best players were down, our team still supported each other, and we all know that we tried our very best. It was an amazing season and we hope that next season will be even more incredible!

By Jasmine Gilmore

<![CDATA[Senior Girls' Volleyball]]>Wed, 11 Dec 2013 19:16:52 GMThttp://thecentralinquisitor.weebly.com/sports/senior-girls-volleyballCentral's Senior Girls' V-Ball Team off to a Good Start

On Tuesday, December 3, 2013, the senior girls played Nottawasaga Pines at home in Central's gym.  The Central girls, led by co-captains Torey Hutchison and Maddy Brunette, and with Brooke de Giulio as setter, won the game in 4 sets.  The team's next game is on Thursday, December 12, and it's also a home game.  C'mon out and support the girls!
<![CDATA[Senior Boys' Volleyball Season Ends]]>Thu, 21 Nov 2013 01:48:59 GMThttp://thecentralinquisitor.weebly.com/sports/senior-boys-volleyball-season-endsFor only the second time in 23 years, Ms.Faye, the intrepid coach of the senior boys' volleyball team, has a lot of free time on her hands this November.  That’s because the senior boys ended their season slightly earlier than expected, by losing a hard-fought semifinal game to Midland.  The Phoenix players pushed it to a fifth set, but ultimately came up short. 

<![CDATA[Heartbreak for Phoenix football]]>Thu, 21 Nov 2013 01:48:47 GMThttp://thecentralinquisitor.weebly.com/sports/heartbreak-for-phoenix-footballOn Saturday, November 9, 2013 was one of the biggest games for Barrie Central’s senior football team. The boys traveled to Orillia’s sports complex to face Orillia District Park for the GBSSA ‘AAA’ finals. Kickoff was at 11:00 am.  ODP (Orillia District Park) scored a 3-point field goal in the first quarter. Central caught up during the third quarter.  Nick Bain, Central’s quarterback, ran it in to the end zone himself to land Central a touchdown against ODP.
Nick Morgan completed with a field goal, giving Central a 7-3 lead. Unfortunately, in the play right after Nick Bain ran the touchdown, ODP’s player Jesse Dinsmore scored a touchdown, putting ODP on top 10-7. Central’s boys continued to fight for the Georgian Bay Championship. During the fourth quarter of the game, ODP kicked the ball to Barrie Central landing it in the end zone, and giving ODP a 11-7 lead.
It was a tough game for both teams.  In the end ODP won the championship, but Barrie Central’s boys will move on to OFSSA on Tuesday November 12, 2013. After the game, Nick Bain was congratulated for winning MVP.   

Robbyn Rooney