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            On Friday, October 30th at Barrie Central, 20 teams of 6 people, along with more than 50 volunteers, participated in one of the most exciting, enjoyable and altruistic events of the year. This event is called the Inside Ride.
            The Inside Ride is a charity initiative organised by the “Coast to Coast Against Cancer” foundation, a group that has run over 100 Inside Ride events for schools and organisations. A group of volunteers at our school helped prepare for the day, encouraging students (and teachers!) to sign up and raise $50 each to fight cancer. On the day of the event, when Coast to Coast brought in the bikes, the tables and all of the other necessary equipment, we learned that Barrie Central Collegiate had raised over $5,500. 100% of this money will help children “living with and beyond” cancer. Thank you to all of the riders who participated in our event.
            All it took was 10 minutes and $50. This is all the riders had to give, but they gave us so much more. They took the time to develop incredible costumes. They took the time to raise EXTRA money. They took the time to encourage their friends to form teams. They worked up a sweat during those 10 minutes, riding their bikes. And if they weren’t riding, they were cheering, loudly. VERY loudly. The enthusiasm in the room was incredible. All that was asked of them was 10 minutes and $50, but they gave us their full commitment, and for that they deserve huge acknowledgement.
            Another person whom we need to recognize is Barrie MPP Ann Hoggarth. When contacted prior to the event, she expressed her interest in attending. Due to an earlier event going longer than expected, she arrived at Central just after the Inside Ride had finished, but she stayed to thank everyone involved for being part of a great experience. We would like to thank Ms. Hoggarth for the time she took out of her day to visit Barrie Central.
            While there are countless other volunteers, riders and school staff to thank, the last person I will mention here is Antonio. Antonio is a young boy from Simcoe County who has been battling cancer. He is also the subject of the event’s dedication.  He couldn’t attend the event because he was on his Wish Trip, to Los Angeles for a taping of the Ellen show. From all of us at Barrie Central, Keep on fighting, Antonio. We believe in you.
            Finally, thank you again to everyone who was in any way involved with the event. You can be sure that the money raised will be appreciated beyond measure by those who receive it.

by Brendan Sheppard
<![CDATA[School is Back!  Finally!]]>Sun, 13 Sep 2015 19:00:32 GMThttp://thecentralinquisitor.weebly.com/student-life/school-is-back-finally
After students spent two months of going outside to boil in the heat and have fun, the doors of Barrie Central Collegiate Institute have finally opened again! Now, you can go to school, and boil in the classrooms without any air conditioning, which is much better than going outside! I’ve heard that it also gives a very fancy taste to the Student Stew.

Once again, the tremendous teachers are teaching, the students are studying, and we’re all having fun. Whether it’s Math, English, Science, French, Gym, Art, Music, Drama, Dance, Latin, Tech or one of the many other interesting subjects offered at Central, three things are certain for every student. One? Lots of homework. Two? Lots and LOTS of fun, at no cost. Three? Your teacher is the best teacher ever. Or at least, you’re telling them that they’re the best.

It’s been less than a week, but already, the Green Team has had its first meeting. The Classics Club (Thursday the 17th, after school), the Social Justice Club (Tuesday the 15th, at lunch), and Students' Council (Wednesday the 16th, at lunch) have planned meetings for the coming week. Several of Barrie Central’s sports teams are practicing or holding tryouts. The Barrie Central Inquisitor is active once again, as evidenced by the fact you are reading it right now! (Don’t worry, I don’t actually have telepathy). Just like the legendary Phoenix, all of Central has come back, better than ever! Except for the boiler. Let's hope that's not going to be a problem.

Unfortunately for everyone, this is now officially the final year for the best school in all of Barrie. After 172 years of rising, at the end of June, the Phoenix will rise no more. Now don’t get mad at the Phoenix. I think we all understand its plight. After all, rising out of bed early every day must be at least as hard as reforming your body from the ashes of an old one. And the Phoenix has to light himself on fire! Ouch. Probably about as hard as brushing your teeth, and we all know how tough that is. You have to pick up the toothbrush, and then the toothpaste, and then you have to open the toothpaste, and if you’re lucky you can make it that far without collapsing from exhaustion or forgetting the next step. Compared to tooth-brushing, Spontaneous Combustion must seem like a piece of cake. Cake with 172 candles on it, of course.

Next year, the Barrie Central students and staff will all need to start over at a new school. It is likely that both the Extended French and Latin programs will travel to Innisdale Secondary School (travel buddies!), and many other students will go to North. While starting over at a different school may be disappointing and annoying, together, we can make it a memorable experience.

172 Years of Incredible Teaching, Outstanding Learning, and Dedicated Extracurriculars. Centralites, let’s work together to make this year the best year yet!

-by Brendan Sheppard

<![CDATA[Mindful Mondays coming to Barrie Central]]>Sun, 01 Mar 2015 20:20:55 GMThttp://thecentralinquisitor.weebly.com/student-life/mindful-mondays-coming-to-barrie-central A team at Barrie Central Collegiate has come up with a new and exciting way to inform and teach students about mental health. It’s called Meaningful Mondays! This new program will be run by the teachers of student success and guidance, with community partners as well. The group will be held every Monday starting March 2nd, up in the upper library of the school.

Some activities that will be included weekly in Mindful Mondays are: Yoga, Food and Mood, a Drama Production by To Be Determined theater company, Art Therapy and more! The idea is to help students work through and deal with any mental health and wellness problems they or their friends might have, and to help students by suggesting strategies for them to use to help cope with or prevent any problems they might have. Community members such as, Simcoe Muskoka Health Unit, Mountain Equipment co-op, New Path and Bikram Yoga are a huge part of these weekly activities.

Mr. O'Brien of Central's student success program said, “This is a great opportunity for students to develop their ‘Mental Wealth’ and resiliency."

Participants will include Barrie Central's incredible staff and students each week. With health snacks and drinks available it’s said to be an amazing experience for all that attend. Students are already talking about it! One student said,“I’m really excited to learn all I can about Mental Health and the Yoga sounds like fun too!”

Katheryn Patterson Blair
<![CDATA[Error: Unable to Download Education]]>Sun, 01 Mar 2015 20:15:41 GMThttp://thecentralinquisitor.weebly.com/student-life/error-unable-to-download-educationAn opinion piece
Starting this school year, Ontario’s Ministry of Education invested $150 million into a technology and learning fund to further "enrich" students' learning experiences with the newest gadgets such as tablets, netbooks and software. Members of our generation are no strangers to the vast online world that has taken our society by storm, including our schools. The pros of having easy access to that big essay from home, or being able to hand in that book report on a Sunday night are astronomical. I’m sure all of you are more than familiar with sites such as ELearning and Google Classroom; who can deny the learning advantages of combining the school environment with the online world? For all of you wonderful tech savvy internet travelers, surfers, and browsers out there, making the switch from paper to keyboard must seem like more than you could ask for.

The question that isn’t being asked, however, is: are all students equally benefiting through these programs? As horrific as it may sound not all students have access to the internet at home. Those who cannot access these sites from home are missing out on the opportunity to hand things in on time and therefore losing marks because of that. Because of the accessibility issues that seem to be being ignored, we could be possibly damaging the futures of hundreds of high school students who could very well be handing in that essay on paper and saving themselves that credit. In the library, you can find students trying to skip class in order to hand in their work online because it’s due Sunday night and they simply have nowhere else to get it done. When we allow such "welcome" changes into our learning environment we must also ask ourselves; are we going to be hindering anyone's progress by making these changes?

The technological world is becoming more and more advanced and changing every day; we are being prepared for jobs that don’t even exist yet. In Ontario there are over 18000 online post-secondary courses that are available to students and the learning experience is becoming more and more digitized. We are on the edge of a new age of information and the most important thing for us to consider right now is if we are in fact leaving anyone behind.

Renee Peace-Miller

<![CDATA[Barrie Central's Classics Club Prepares for OSCC]]>Sun, 01 Mar 2015 19:52:01 GMThttp://thecentralinquisitor.weebly.com/student-life/barrie-centrals-classics-club-prepares-for-osccPicture
The Barrie Central Collegiate Classics Club has begun their preparations for Ontario Student Classics Conference (OSCC), which will be held from May 5-10 at Brock University. The club members have been working on statues, models, and costumes in hopes of bring some trophies home again this year.

“We have already finished a variety of our projects," said Mrs. Gillis, the teacher-advisor for the Classics Club, “And we are doing another all-boy fashion show." At last year’s OSCC, Barrie Central was the first school to do an all-boy fashion show, but lost by half a point to Elmwood School (ES). When talk about this year’s fashion show came up Mrs. Gillis said it will be difficult against ES but as long as the club does an amazing job on the outfits, down to the last piece of jewellery, she is hopeful that Central can bring home the fashion show trophy this year.

The Classics Club’s focus, every year, is the arts. Jack Gillis spoke about how the team will fare in the athletic events. “I think that this year our team will do well in athletics," said Jack. “Overall we have a stronger team and we have ex-Trojans and current Trojans coming to the team."  Last year Jack won second place in both the 50-metre and 100-metre freestyle swimming and hopes to obtain both of those medals again this year. With the new members of the club, the team is hoping to also place in ultimate frisbee.

With all of the work that the team has put into their OSCC projects so far, it seems to be a sure thing that they will make our school proud and bring home some medals, and some memorable stories. Good luck to this years Classics Club.

John-Mitchell Harrington

<![CDATA[Spirit at Central!]]>Wed, 25 Feb 2015 19:14:25 GMThttp://thecentralinquisitor.weebly.com/student-life/spirit-at-centralBrrr!  It sure has been cold this winter, but the spirit in Barrie Central has never been hotter. 
Back in December, student council was getting us pumped up for Christmas with a holiday- themed spirit week. On the Monday of that week, the halls were flooded with foreigners and tourists for travel day. Welcome to the Barrie Central tour!! On your left in room 105 you can see Eiffel tower and in the library you can see the beautiful ancient sculptures of the Classics Club. On Tuesday, students snuggled up in their pjs in the library with hot chocolate and the classic holiday movie Elf. Wednesday morning students arrived to the smell of pancakes and Canadian bacon filling the halls for Canada day. The halls were as full as their bellies after a classic Canadian breakfast, and everyone had on their patriotic red and white. On Thursday, thanks to the Arts’ Council, Library Unplugged was a hit and students wore their fleece and wool for ugly sweater day. The teacher holiday assembly on Friday was a riot as always, and kicked off the Christmas break with a laugh.  Huge thanks to student council for pulling all of that together!  There was amazing participation and the spirit in the school was soaring.

But Central's spirit didn’t end there!  Right after the exam break the student council came back ready to work, planning another spirit week for Valentine’s week. The love was in the air during the weekof Februrary 9-13, starting with backwards day on Monday. The students were quite the sight to see; backpacks were on bellies and underwear was on the outside; this day was definitely a hit. Tuesday, students got comfy and slipped into their sweats on sweats. Wednesday was full of colour in Central:  the theme that day was crayon day, with students dressed from head to toe in Crayola colours. Even students who lack colour in their wardrobe showed their spirit by sporting all black everything.  On Thursday students showed their sport spirit with jerseys of all sports and teams. Friday, love birds and friends wore each others’ hearts on their chests and dressed in red and pink, the colours of love.  Big thanks to all the students who make the spirit weeks a success.  We’re looking forward to see what the spirit in the school the spring brings to Central.

Christine deGeer

<![CDATA[Write for Rights at Central]]>Sun, 04 Jan 2015 18:59:26 GMThttp://thecentralinquisitor.weebly.com/student-life/write-for-rights-at-centralWriting for Justice
On Wednesday, December 10th, Barrie Central held an Amnesty International Write for Rights event in the library at lunchtime.  December 10th was International Human Rights Day, and our event was one of hundreds around the world in which volunteers wrote letters to help bring attention to human rights.  Many of the Central volunteers were from the Social Justice Club, and we had a special guest as well: Doreen Fernandez from Amnesty International Canada.  Our letter-writing volunteers wrote to government leaders both in Canada and around the world.  More than 70 letters were written by the Central group; the largest group of which were addressed to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, asking him to start an inquiry into the deaths and disappearances of more than 1,100 First Nations women here in Canada.

<![CDATA[Petition to Save Central]]>Mon, 01 Dec 2014 01:07:22 GMThttp://thecentralinquisitor.weebly.com/student-life/petition-to-save-central Barrie Central Needs Your Online Signature!
Attention all BCC students! This is very important! We need your online signatures to save Barrie Central! An online petition has been created regarding the closure of this beloved school. It has been sent to the Honourable Liz Sandals, Ontario Minster of Education and to Kathi Wallace, Director of Education for the Simcoe County District School Board. If you want this school to live on, we need you to go to: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/save-barrie-central-collegiate. Enter the information required. It only takes a minute and every signature helps. Make sure to pass on this message to, not only your friends at Central, but your family and friends at other schools. After all, nobody in Barrie wants more kids to be stuffed into the already overpopulated schools. We are Barrie Central Collegiate, home of the Phoenix. We will not remain silent.  Our voices will be heard. We will rise!

Michele Stepanek

<![CDATA[Spirit Week at Central!]]>Sun, 02 Nov 2014 01:15:34 GMThttp://thecentralinquisitor.weebly.com/student-life/spirit-week-at-centralCheck out these photos from Central's first spirit week of the year, held from October 28 - 31.  Many thanks to Students' Council members for all the planning and organizing they did!

<![CDATA[Student Vote: Municipal Election 2014]]>Fri, 24 Oct 2014 13:24:01 GMThttp://thecentralinquisitor.weebly.com/student-life/student-vote-municipal-election-2014On Thursday, October 23, students at Barrie Central got the chance to vote for candidates in the 2014 municipal election.  Students from all grades came to the library during period 2 to cast their votes for mayor, city councilor, and trustee. The mock election, which was organized by Mr. Ramsay, helps inform students about the election process.  Results will be published soon in the local media.